Meet the Divas

Sherri is one of the owners of Cutie Poops and Bottoms and is a frequent contributor to this blog. She has four children ages 10, 9, and 2 year old twins! Her passion for cloth started with the birth of her twins, and she has been cloth diapering them ever since! If you are local, you will see Sherri working at the store throughout the week. She is an advocate for breastfeeding, baby-wearing, and educating parents about natural and eco-friendly  products for mother and child. She is also our resident detergent and washing expert!

Annette is an invaluable resource for all things cloth. She joined the Cutie Poops and Bottoms team shortly after the birth of her third child when she became such a frequent visitor to the store, we just had to hire her! Annette is an awesome member of our team and we couldn't do it without her. She responds to emails, posts on facebook and even has her own blog: Cloth Mommy Tells All. If it is earth friendly and green, chances are that Annette already knows about it! Annette is also our wool expert and teaches are Wool 101 class.

Amy G.
Amy G. is a wealth of knowledge and has been a baby-wearing, cloth diapering green mommy to her nearly 3 year old son since he was 3 months old. Soon she will be embarking on the many adventures of potty training; which will bring her into the next chapter of cloth diapering—cloth training pants!! Amy is a major advocate for breastfeeding, natural birthing and is also a homebirth supporter. Her goal is to help others understand the benefits of living a more “green” life to create a safer, healthier and happier home for all families. She has been working at the store for over a year and teaches our Diaper 101 classes on Saturday. Amy is a wonderful addition to our team and our customers lover her patience and guidance, which comes from her background as a music teacher. 

Tina is another cloth diaper diva and a  partner at Cutie Poops and Bottoms. She has been around since the beginning and is an awesome asset! Tina has two daughters.  Even though she looks young, Tina recently welcomed her first grand-child into the world, and she has grandma wrapped around her finger! She is the coolest, hippest, baby-wearing, cloth-diapering, green grandma out there. You won't read any posts from Tina, because writing is just not her thing, but we still wanted to introduce her.

Sherri      Annette      Tina

We still have two more divas to introduce: Abby and Giorgia, our two newest additions to the team. More info coming soon about these two keepers!

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