Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The things they don't tell you about cloth diapers!

Even if you have read all the blogs and done all the research about cloth diapers, there are still a few things you will figure out on your own.

First, cloth diapers can be addictive!

Yep, it's true! There is always something new to try, and upgrade on an old favorite, or an adorable print you just have to have. Believe it or not, there is even an app for those of you who really really love your cloth diaper stash and want a full inventory count of every diaper, style, and color that you have! It's called Fluff Stash and now I truly believe the saying "There's an ap for that!" But cloth diaper addicts, don't hold your head in shame, remember you would have to buy an awful lot of cloth diapers to equal the $3500 you would have otherwise spent on disposables!

Second, people will think you are crazy for using cloth. 

You're nuts!
Sometimes they will even hedge bets on how long you will last and are likely to make hurtful remarks and try to talk you out of cloth diapers. Just remember that these types of comments typically come out of ignorance to the modern cloth diapers. Many people still envision safety pins and plastic pants. They also imagine a horrible smelling house as if you left diapers filled with poop laying around. Sorry folks, that is only true with disposable diapers that have been rolled up in a ball with the mess still inside the diaper. Your cloth diapers have been shaken, dunked, or rinsed.

Third, it is going to take some trial and error. may have heard that before. Maybe you even brushed it off thinking that you have done tons of research and are choosing the right diapers and doing the right wash routine with the proper detergent to ensure a flawless transition to cloth. But trust me, there is a learning curve! What works for your sister, neighbor, or best friend might not work for you. Babies are all different and some diapers will offer a better fit for your little one than others. We suggest to try out several different styles and brands of diapers before purchasing your entire stash. 

As far as washing your diapers go, you will need to try a few different wash routine to come up with the right routine for your water and machine. There is a ton of misinformation out there regarding how to wash your diapers and what to use. We suggest using a cloth diaper safe detergent and contact the manufacturer direct if you need help or have questions. Only the manufactures know the formulation of their detergent and how it will best work with your water and machine. Seriously, stay of the facebook pages when it comes to laundering advise, and when reading blogs... be cautious.  Water, machine type, load size, water level, routine, and minerals can all affect your washing routine and the only "Expert" is the manufacturer. Or, go to where you purchased the detergent as most retailers are well informed about the specific brands they carry and have either spoken to the manufactures directly or will do so on your behalf. 

What did you learn about using cloth that no one ever told you before you started?

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  1. The wife of a soldier my husband works with told me it was illegal to use cloth! I just turned around & walked away!

    1. That is the craziest thing I have ever heard! :)

  2. "EEW Cloth diapers - you're going to have to touch poop, your house will smell, and you will have nothing but laundry!" ---> all of which were untrue. in fact, my house smells LESS because dirty diapers aren't in the garbage. not to mention I consistently remind people they need to dump solids in the toilet even when using disposables...

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  4. A crazy comment I got was from my baby's doctor who said they were stylish and wished she had invented them

  5. Fallowing, Julia A. The craziest thing someone said to me was that I would never last using cloth and why would I want to go back to the stone age lol

  6. i'm GFC follower as KarilynAley

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