Sunday, January 20, 2013

Cloth Diapering On The Go

Can you really leave the house with cloth diapers?

You sure can! When people new to cloth diapering stop by the store to purchase or learn about cloth diapers, they often say the same thing: "I'm just going to use cloth at when I'm at home, and disposables when I am out."  When I ask them why, they just assume that it must be a messy pain in the butt to change a cloth diaper while on the go. But it is truly no different that using disposables...I promise! You just have to bite the bullet and do it. You'll be surprised just how easy it is!

Bummis Wet Bag

What do you need to pack?

It's really very simple, all you need is your wet bag and a clean cloth diaper. Well, and a diaper bag, some wipes, an extra change of clothing, toys, teethers, bottom balm, pacifiers, bottles, sippy-cups, snack, favorite blanket, a 3rd change of clothes, some bibs, Sophie the Giraffe, and the list goes on. But hey, you need all that even if you are using disposable diapers!

Seriously though, if you have a wet bag and a clean diaper, you can change your baby! Who wants to take home a poopy mess you're probably thinking right? You won't be! Unless your outside in the park, then chances are there is a toilet nearby. You can shake the soils into the toilet or use a diaper liner like Eco Sprout's Eco-Bottom Liners when you are out for easy clean up. Just pick up the liner and flush. Your used diaper now gets safely tucked away inside your waterproof and smell proof wet bag. If you are breastfeeding, then you just roll the diaper up nice and small and place it inside your wetbag. When you get home, your diapers and wet bag can all go into the wash or pail together! I recommend having two wet bags or you are sure to find yourself out one day while you soiled bag is at home in the laundry.

Flip Disposable Soaker Pads

Still not Having it...

Here is another option for soaker pads! They are super easy to use and fully disposable. All you do is place the pad inside your wrap like you would a pre-fold. Then when you change baby, all you do is toss the soaker pad in the trash! The nice thing is that these pads are biodegradable and contain a lot less SAP than a disposable diaper so it is safer for your little love. Don't have any wraps? That's okay, you can just use an un-stuffed pocket diaper by placing the pad on top of the fleece and fastening the diaper on baby.

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  1. Whenever people tell me they cloth diaper only at home I wonder why. It seems like so much extra work to have to buy disposable diapers on top of the cloth diaper supplies. You have to keep track of two different types of diapers. So much easier to just throw a couple diapers in the diaper bag after I wash them and know I'm good to do. I even started using cloth wipes recently and it's so much easier!

  2. I was always intimidated by going out with cloth... but with a good wet bag handy, it's not as difficult as I had thought it would be. I also try to keep a bin with extra supplies in my vehicle at all times. Diapers, wipes, a snappi, a change of clothing, etc... it makes for less stress if I'm running late and didn't have time to organize my bag, or if I end up away from home for longer than I had enough diapers for. :-)

  3. I hope it isn't difficult! This is our first baby (due March) and I want to do cloth from the get-go. I figure if it's all I've done, it won't be "hard" to get used to it while out and about. :)

  4. we love diapering on the go.. just as long as you know how long you will be gone :)

  5. At first I think I made traveling with CDs more complicated than it needed to be. A year later and I'm pretty good at it. Have to be since we never buy disposables. It's cloth or nothing.


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