Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Mama Cloth: If I tried them, you can too!

Fair warning, I am going to be writing about my experience with "mama cloth" and my menstrual cycle. This is your chance to stop reading if that makes you uncomfortable.........

Okay, here we go.  Mama Cloth. If you are not sure what that is, mama cloth is a term to describe reusable menstrual pads. Yep, that's what I said: reusable!  Now I consider myself green, but definitely not crunchy. When the idea was first brought up to me I cringed. The entire thought of having to rinse out and re-use a menstrual pad was  a tad over-the-top for me. I already recycle, I nursed all 4 of my children, I cloth diaper my boys, and educate people everyday on the benefits of using cloth diapers over disposables to our planet. Did I really need to start using mama cloth too?  But then I started thinking about it, all those nasty chemicals that are in disposable diapers are also in pads and tampons. I have a daughter who will be maturing in a few short years. If I won't put my sons in disposable diapers, would I want my daughter wearing pads? Then I did the math: I have a heavy flow (sorry if this is TMI, but I did warn you). So I figure I spend around $10 a month on tampons and pads. The average female has her period from age 12 to 52. That is 40 years and $4,800! WOW!

Adorable Gift Bag

Making the choice:

I then had a lengthy discussion with Robyn of It's a Girl Thing Period by Posh Pads. Robyn is just the sweetest person and she urged me to give them a try. In fact, she very generously sent me an entire stash so I could take part in the It's a Girl Thing Cloth Challenge to give their mama cloth a try for my next cycle. When I got the mail a few short days later I was shocked! I received an entire supply of mama cloth in several different pattern and sizes in an adorable gift box.  The first thing I did was lay them all out on the counter and tell my husband how cute they all were. (Seeing any resemblance to a cloth diaper addiction here?) I promptly prepped all my goodies by washing them in Eco Sprout detergent and laid them out to dry.
Love the dark colors for the pad. No Staining!

The Fit:

I had never been so excited to get my period before, lol :)  So once the day came I just had to decide which pad to use. My first couple of days are the heaviest, so I really appreciated that some of the pads had a double heart sewn on them to indicate they were for a heavier flow. I have to admit, I did have some trouble and leaking in the beginning. I found that the pads moved around a lot, and I always seemed to leak at the top and the sides. After several mishaps, I decided I had to adjust the pad to lay more towards the front on me, because of this I really loved the extra long pad that was sent with my trial. I also discovered that tighter underwear made a big difference in the pad moving around. Once I figured this out, the rest of my days went really well. I especially liked the mini's. I found these were great for that last day  - you know, the just when you thought you were finished type of day. I found the pads to be very soft and super comfortable - much more comfortable than a disposable maxi pad!

Super cute prints.


Mama cloth is really easy to use. I made sure to use them for two full cycles before writing the review. It definitely took some getting used to, especially for a previous Tampon user, but overall I really liked it. Because of my personal flow, during my second month of using mama cloth, I used a tampon for the first day, with a reusable pad for my back up (which I needed). After that first heavy day, I switched to all cloth and it worked great.  I was very surprised at how much the pads absorbed and found that for my lighter days, one pad would last me a long time. They are super soft and really very comfortable to wear.  If you already cloth diaper, you will find that this is very similar and just a small jump from doing what you already are.


Easy to snap.
Cleaning them was also not nearly as bad as I had imagined. I promise, it was not gross at all!  I just run  cold water over the pad and squeeze until the water runs clear. If you have a diaper sprayer, I found that also works really well! You can just hold the pad over the toilet basin and spray with the sprayer. Because they have been fully rinsed out I would just toss them in with whatever I had to wash next. Some people wash them only with their towels or with their cloth diapers (if you use cloth diapers). I think it is just a personal decision. I also liked how you could fold them and snap them closed and then toss in a wet bag. It made changing one outside of the home very easy. After washing, I would dry them in the dryer until almost dry. I like to take them out early and then lay flat to dry nice and smooth. I found they were more comfortable to wear when they were dried this way. Note: do not use bleach or fabric softener. I washed my mama cloth in Eco Sprout detergent and they came out beautifully clean with no staining.

The Pads:

It's a Girl Thing Period pads come in several different lengths and all kinds of adorable prints. They can be purchased separately or as a starter set. They are well worth the price and will save you a lot of money. Click here to see our collection.

What do you think? Would you be willing to give mama cloth a try?  Enter our giveaway to win your own sampler pack! Open to US residents only. All entries will be verified.

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  1. Love Mama Cloth as a backup to the Diva Cup. I'll be trying post-partum mama cloth (by Posh Pads!) after giving birth this week. They seem to be a beautiful quality and very well-made.

  2. I like how they are softer and don't cause chaffage...

  3. I started using it about a year ago...then got pregnant and haven't needed it. ;-) But I *loved* it...so much more comfortable and less stinky, IMO.
    I'm only 7 weeks away from my due date, now, so I'm trying to stock up for the post-partum needs and beyond :-)


  5. I've been wanting to switch to mama cloth for a while now but the initial cost is too high for our budget, I really need to make the most of this post partum stage and save.

  6. I have been thinking of trying them but not sure. I have a Super Heavey period . But it would be wonderful to try them out. I love my cloth diapers and have two little ones.

  7. I have wanted to ry them for year just haven't made the jump

  8. I love mama cloth! I made the switch after having my 1st child and haven't looked back :)

  9. I have 3 pads that are mama cloth. I used them postpartum a little and love them. Now that we have plenty of cloth diapers, I am saving up to expand my mama cloth stash. I have heard from many mamas that their flow lessens the longer they go without the chemicals in disposables.

  10. I have just started looking into cloth. These look great.

  11. I tried some that were all flannel and didn't like how they come out of the wash all wadded up, made them much more bulky. However, aside from that they were great, Odd love to try some with minky or fleece.

    1. That happened with me when I dried them fully in the dryer. Now, I either lay flat to dry, or only partially dry them in the dryer and it made a huge difference!

  12. I have been thinking about trying mama cloth for awhile now. I converted to the diva cup about 4 yrs ago & will never go back to tampons. Hoping mama cloth can be a nice option for days that I don't have a heavy flow.

  13. I've never used mama cloth but would love to for me and my 13 year old daughter!!

  14. Really have wanted to try for a long time... and these are soooo cute!

  15. I can't wear normal pads because I'm allergic to them and after having my first baby I couldn't use tampons! I was newly home from the hospital and scrambling trying to find all cotton ones! I looked all over online and had a really hard time trying to find something I could get QUICKLY... I wish I had known about these before! I'll definitely order some before I have baby #2!

  16. I want to give mama cloth a try, but I'm not sure where to start. I would love to win!


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